Antibody Sequencing

Antibody Sequencing

Sequencing solutions for conventional and transgenic animal models


Sequencing is a necessary step for scientists conducting research into therapeutic antibodies, CAR-T, bispecifics, T-cell engagers or other biologics. Approaches to sequencing vary, and tough decisions need to be made on exactly when in the discovery timeline to obtain sequences — both cost and bandwidth play a role in that decision.

Whether you have a single lead clone or a panel of antibody candidates you want to sequence, with Antibody Solutions at your side, you can rapidly acquire your antibody sequences with high accuracy and low barriers to entry. Utilizing robust molecular biology techniques and Sanger sequencing methods, full-length, high-confidence reads of the entire antibody variable region are attainable. With years of technical knowledge and hands-on experience, we have successfully provided sequencing solutions for the full array of mouse and rat models we commonly utilize, including all of the human antibody-producing transgenic rodent models.

Antibody Solutions offers sample preparation and a comprehensive toolbox of reagents for sequencing of mouse, rat, human and transgenic immunoglobulin variable regions, in addition to full-length antibody sequencing services. Bidirectional sequencing directly from PCR products eliminates the headaches and potential artifacts, error or bias that can be introduced by plasmid cloning and colony PCR.

CAR-T_2_Variable-region-sequencingFigure 1. Variable region sequencing workflow

And just as we have for the tens of thousands of antibody clones we’ve generated since 1995, we apply the science and technical know-how we’ve mastered to deliver your sequences with:

  • Speed — As in “two-to-four weeks” in most cases, thanks in part to highly efficient methods for mRNA purification, cDNA generation and targeted PCR to obtain high throughput of samples
  • Accuracy — We generate full-length, bidirectional Sanger sequence data directly from PCR products using germline-tailored primers and avoid unnecessary additional steps that could introduce error
  • Flexibility — In addition to conventional rodents, we are the only CRO to generate antibodies and their related sequences from all four of the non-exclusive human antibody producing transgenic animal platforms available for therapeutic antibody discovery: OmniAb’s OmniMouse® and OmniRat®, Trianni Mouse®, and Alloy Therapeutics’ ATX-GK® mouse
  • Confidentiality — All of the work we conduct takes place in our Santa Clara laboratory facility, sequence analyses are housed in a stand-alone onsite server rather than cloud-based options, and Antibody Solutions ensures that you retain full ownership of your IP.

So whatever your target, Antibody Solutions offers fast, reliable and high-quality sequencing services to advance your discovery along with a team of experts who can help you identify the best path forward. And whether your final goal is simply the sequence or recombinantly expressed purified antibody or molecular modeling of the CDRs, we have a solution that is right for you.

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