Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry for High-Throughput Flow Screening

Flow Cytometry

Accelerating the path to critical “go” or “no-go” decision points can give you greater control over research costs, putting you in a better position to more quickly pursue your most promising candidates—and to just as quickly drop the less promising ones.

Since our founding, Antibody Solutions has been investigating and pioneering the application of flow cytometry technologies to rapidly filter and screen antibodies. Those innovations, when coupled with our proven processes, have allowed us to overcome the challenges typically associated with large-scale antibody screening, ideally positioning you to capitalize on our expertise in:

  • High-throughput screening and data analysis: Through advanced, automated systems (including Attune NxT and Guava® easyCyte flow cytometers), we can screen over 16,000 clones per week, giving you a deeper pool of “hits” faster.   
  • Cell selection: We collaborate with you to select the most advantageous cells, either by conducting comprehensive literature research to identify existing options or by performing in-house transfections to create stable cells that can highly express your target of interest.   
  • Non-specific binding: To ensure that our antibody attaches to your target of interest, we leverage reagents and our own proprietary flow buffer to prevent non-specific binding.
  • Dual-cell staining: When production of secondary assays isn’t a practical fit for your research deadlines, we can speed the process by deploying dual-cell staining to discriminate among closely related but different cell lines.

Especially valuable for your therapeutic drug discovery programs, Antibody Solutions’ process generates monoclonal antibody cultures efficiently, conveniently and cost-effectively. And if a more traditional approach is better aligned with your needs—such as detecting antibody binding via a cell-surface antigen fragment (e.g., fusion protein by ELISA) or to a chemically modified, non-native surface antigen (e.g., fixed cells by immunocytochemistry)—you’ll find us an ideal collaborator those fronts, too.

flow cytometry

For further data on the success of our high-throughput flow screening techniques, we invite you to read our poster High-throughput primary screening of monoclonal antibodies to cell-surface antigens. Or contact us directly, and we can discover together how Antibody Solutions’ science and processes can help you simultaneously screen thousands of antibody candidates to reach “go” or “no-go” as fast as possible.