Polyclonal Antibodies

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies

In preclinical research, taking the road less traveled can sometimes get you to your target faster (and with fewer frustrations). Polyclonal antibody development is one such path--one that can offer some considerable advantages over monoclonal antibodies. Polyclonal antibodies, after all, are better at detecting proteins at low concentrations, remaining stable across a wide range of pH and buffer compositions, and detecting proteins with a high degree of homology to the immunogen protein.

Yet polyclonal antibody production also requires a unique command of multiple disciplines (including, for example, serum production, affinity purification, and analysis), which is why so few companies consider it a core competency. Since your end goal is always our starting point at Antibody Solutions, we have built an expertise in helping our clients capitalize on the power of polyclonal antibodies while sidestepping many of the common pitfalls and potholes that are an inherent part of working with them.AS_Solutions_By_Service_Polyclonal_Landing

If you’re in need of a research-grade reagent and/or anti-idiotype antibody, you’ll find our science and processes are built to perform with:

  • Speed -- Our rapid immunization program for any animal is only five weeks (meaning you’re positioned to trim standard research timelines by as much as 50 percent), and our 35-day Rapid Rabbit program provides high titer sera and high yields of affinity-purified antibody
  • Scalability -- We can extend and expand production bleeds--both with the number and type of research species used--to quickly generate sufficient serum for purification
  • Specificity -- Our team uses a negative/positive selection purification method that passes the serum through two different columns--the second contains the desired target--so that your final product is highly specific
  • Flexibility -- Thanks to the power of vertical integration, we can add value to any point in the process (from peptide synthesis to purification), and apply our domain expertise to focus acutely on the most crucial dynamics shaping your research

The less-traveled path can sometimes be the most direct and fruitful one; our repeated client successes in polyclonal antibody production are proof-positive of that. We’d welcome the opportunity to advance your research efficiencies by serving as a cost-effective, one-stop shop for all of your serum production, affinity purification, and analysis needs. Contact us and we can discover together how your specific research needs match up with our custom polyclonal antibody development programs and capabilities.