Your Forecast: Clear Visibility Ahead

At Antibody Solutions, we don’t think of transparency so much as a “prerequisite” as it is an “inexorable part of how we do business.”

Put simply, we believe you have an inherent right to see inside your antibody research—how it’s priced, where it’s going and when it will be finished. We strive to deliver that persistent visibility to you by:

  • Communicating quickly and consistently: You’ll receive up-to-the minute email reports on key findings that are generated directly from our lab. Soon after, your assigned Project Manager—one with an expertise in immunology, immunochemistry, cell biology or other specialty discipline—will schedule a one-on-one conversation to discuss those results in detail and outline next steps.
  • Pricing with specificity: Our work orders are clear and line-itemized. And once you approve them, they become the basis for our project plan. From there, we operate on a simple pay-as-you-go, fee-for-service model that streamlines billing.
  • Inviting collaboration: We think scientific research excels when all perspectives have an equal voice—and are heard clearly when the most promising path to discovery is being charted. That’s why your insights and participation are encouraged early and often.
  • Providing anytime access: Through the password-protected, you have full access to your research project 24x7x365 from any web-enabled browser. Ensuring you stay in the know is one of our top priorities.