What Our Clients Say

Over our 25-plus years of operation, Antibody Solutions has helped more than 500 biopharmaceutical organizations across all settings identify, develop and refine custom antibodies that moved their research forward. Whether a global pharmaceutical company (we’ve worked with nine of the top 10), biotech, university or diagnostic organization, our clients come to us because they know -- and trust -- that Antibody Solutions is first and foremost committed to their success. That’s probably why a full 96 percent of the more than 500 clients we’ve served since 1995 have returned with additional projects.

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what some of our customers over the years say about us:

“Sera from all five of these rabbits was unsuccessfully affinity purified by (company name withheld). All of your affinity purifications from these rabbits worked….they (company name withheld) do not check things the way you do.” -LK.

“I especially appreciate your company’s adherence to the projected timelines and wouldn’t hesitate to do business with you again.” -AO.

“MAbExpress has reduced the delivery time in half compared to production by other companies.” -JM.

“Your PolyExpress Sera worked better in western blotting than the serum we got from NIH.” -JJ.

“I appreciate you taking the time to improve the (Ab) selection process.” -GP.