Antibody Research

Hybridoma cell lines have historically offered an efficient, low-cost means to produce large numbers of monoclonal antibodies. However, there are reasons that warrant recombinantly expressing an antibody at a preclinical, R&D stage. These reasons include the need to express antibodies from primary B cells, a surface display library, convert chimeric antibodies to fully human antibodies, humanization of rodent antibodies, and isotype switching. We have developed a recombinant expression system for drug discovery with the ability to express a large number of recombinant antibodies in a timely, cost-efficient manner.


Antibody Solutions has developed a recombinant antibody expression system that allows for a large panel of antibodies to be expressed in a highthroughput and cost-efficient manner. The benefits of this system are:

  • One vector per H + L chain
  • Large Panels of antibodies (10’s - 100’s) possible
  • Proper folding & human glycosylation
  • 96-well culture screening - expand positive hits only
  • Antibody available throughout the discovery process
  • FACS sorting ensures monoclonality
  • Only one transfection needed


Download this poster

We invite you to download our poster that details this research study, including our antibody discovery strategy as well as the Spike protein reagents, screening assay formats, and more that we utilized.

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Michael Trang, Leonel Santibanez-Vargas, Keerthi Sindhu, Catherine Vo, Edgar Rodriguez, John Kenney Antibody Solutions, Sunnyvale, CA, USA