A Rapid, High-Throughput Recombinant Antibody Expression System for Therapeutic Antibody Discovery and Validation

Michael Trang, Leonel Santibanez-Vargas, Keerthi Sindhu, Catherine Vo, Edgar Rodriguez, John Kenney Antibody Solutions, Sunnyvale, CA, USA



Hybridoma cell lines have historically offered an efficient, low-cost means to produce large numbers of monoclonal antibodies. However, there are reasons that warrant recombinantly expressing an antibody at a preclinical, R&D stage. These reasons include the need to express antibodies from primary B cells, a surface display library, convert chimeric antibodies to fully human antibodies, humanization of rodent antibodies, and isotype switching. We have developed a recombinant expression system for drug discovery with the ability to express a large number of recombinant antibodies in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

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