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When we first meet with a client, we often start right here: What's standing in the way of your success? And no matter their answer, we stand at the ready to help — with deep antibody expertise, diverse technology platforms and an overall customer experience model designed to make every new success seem more natural than the last.

Not just any antibody will do—I need it to do something specific

We’ll collaborate with you to develop the right antibody with the affinity, specificity and functionality you need. Keep reading

My antibody developer doesn’t understand my downstream goals

With expertise in key disciplines and an understanding of the requirements of different antibody applications, we have the science to put you on the right path. Keep reading

I’m not sure which antibody discovery strategies makes the most sense for us

When you collaborate with our team, you’re capitalizing on the custom antibody discovery expertise we’ve honed through 20+ years of experience serving more than 500 research organizations. Keep reading

I’m worried I'm not going to meet my objectives or deadlines

When it fits your project’s unique needs, we can pursue multiple discrete discovery paths simultaneously, keeping your program on-point and on-time. Keep reading

I’m tired of always being out of the loop on where things are—and where they’re going

Our proprietary process, auto checkpoint updates and project management excellence mean you’re never in the dark about the status of our work for you. Keep reading

My science should be my own, but my CRO or platform company wants future royalties

We believe you should have exclusive ownership rights to your research, so we adhere to a pay-as-you-go, fee-for-service model that keeps licensing where it rightly belongs—in your hands. Keep reading

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How does CAR-T cell therapy work?

A key component in successful CAR-T research is having ready access to high-quality, fit-for-purpose antibodies from the outset.

A growing number of CAR-T cell therapies are being developed and tested in clinical studies as an innovative approach to reprogram the patient’s immune system to attack its own abnormal cells. Continue reading


CAR-TCR Summit 2019

Please visit with the Antibody Solutions team during the CAR-TCR Summit 2019 (Sept. 10-13) in Boston, Mass. We'll be available throughout the conference to discuss your current research and explore how your needs and our experience can make for an ideal fit.

Join us at CAR-TCR Summit 2019


Discovery On Target 2019

Will you be in Boston the week of September 17th? Let’s schedule something during Discovery on Target conference (Sept. 17-19) at The Westin Copley Place.

Join us at Discovery on Target 2019

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