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Antibody Discovery
Services and Solutions

Putting the Right Tools to Work Every Time

From tried-and-true to leading-edge innovations in antibody discovery, we have you covered. Our deep insights and experience enable us to assess both innovative and proven-to-work science, putting the full complement of leading science at your disposal.

Antigen Development

We design antigens that generate antibodies with the affinity and specificity you need. We approach this goal flexibly and efficiently — using technologies that may include bioconjugate and peptide design, syngeneic cell lines, or premium proteins produced by us from trusted vendors. 

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FAbs & Fragments

Our FAb and F(Ab)2 fragments are the ultimate utility players, primed for use as antigens or as antibody characterization, detection, delivery, and manufacturing tools. Discover how producing true specificity or cleavage can streamline your project while delivering budget-smart results.

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Monoclonal Antibody Discovery

Clients return to us when they need a hybridoma clone fast, are chasing a difficult target, or need absolute confidence that their clones are, indeed, monoclonal. They trust us to advance monoclonal antibody development through superior science and service.

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Antibody Manufacturing

Purity, scalability, and speed are the benchmarks of our monoclonal production capabilities, underpinned by MAbExpress – a keenly responsive, time-tested process technology that delivers the high-quality, fit-for-purpose antibodies you need.

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Polyclonal Antibody Discovery

Few companies consider polyclonal antibody production a core competency because it requires the unique command of multiple disciplines that we’ve developed. These include serum production, affinity purification, analysis, and other techniques that can save you time and budget. 

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Molecular Modeling

Amino acids fold, curl, and twirl every which way. Not to worry: our technology can draw a straight line to successful antibody engagement. That’s why our clients rely on our molecular modeling capabilities to deliver a realistic view of intra- and inter-molecular interactions, helping them make better, faster decisions.

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Bioconjugation is ideal for many applications, if the biological molecule can maintain its function after being joined to its co-molecule. There are different strategies involved in producing stable bioconjugates, and even the most commonly used require precisely the scientific expertise we provide. 

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Whether you have a single lead clone or a panel of antibody candidates, we acquire antibody sequences with high accuracy and low barriers to entry through a comprehensive toolbox of reagents to sequence mouse, rat, human, and transgenic immunoglobulin variable regions.

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Methods & Assays

With our team at your side, it’s easy to leverage antibody-driven solutions that are innovative, reliable, and amenable to high-throughput screening. We’ve developed or can develop assays to measure enzyme activity, antigen capture, cell proliferation and activity, competitive protein binding, and more.

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Put Our Best to Work for You

Every attribute that marks our best work is ready to be applied to your next project. Contact us and let’s discover together how our pillars can support the success of your next antibody discovery initiative.