Critical Reagent Assay Development

Revealing Opportunities

Functionality. Specificity. Performance. Whatever variables are most critical to the success of your antibody discovery program, assays developed by the Antibody Solutions team can help you reveal the most salient insights to inform your most critical decisions. The end result is greater confidence in systematically anticipating, identifying, and mitigating challenges, positioning our team and yours to resolve those challenges quickly and collaboratively (and, importantly, with little if any impact on your project’s timeline or budget).

Our anti-drug antibody assays, for example, help teams pursuing biologics get a clearer assessment of the immunogenicity of their therapeutics and a clearer understanding of the potential impact of ADAs on safety and efficacy. Similarly, our clients count on Antibody Solutions for comprehensive pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) analyzes to help guide the optimization of their candidates, whether bioavailability, dose-response relationships, stability, or any number of other critical variables hold the key to unlocking the full potential of their innovation.

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Leverage Our Expertise in PK
and PD Analyses – and More

Our team’s expertise in critical reagent discovery, immunogenicity, pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis, pharmacodynamic (PD) analysis, and potency assay development provides Antibody Solutions clients with strategies that:

  • Leverage specific ADAs that can measure the drug in both plasma and tissue

  • Access antibody and assay development solutions that match your specific immunogenicity and ADA challenges

  • Generate drug-specific monoclonal antibodies, affinity-purified polyclonal antibodies, drug conjugates, and related reagents for PK and PD analysis

  • Develop novel assay methods, including research-level dosing studies in rodents

  • Produce potency assays to measure a drug’s ability to elicit a particular response at a certain dose in a relevant biological system

Assays that Always Pass the Test

For a deeper look into the science we bring to this work, download our conference poster, Development of Antibody and PK and ADA Assays for a Cystine Knot Fusion Protein.  Or contact us directly, and we can discuss your specific research needs and objectives. 


Development of Antibody and PK and ADA Assays for a Cystine Knot Fusion Protein

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