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Methods and Assays

Custom-Tailored Method Development

Antibody Solutions offers custom-tailored method development for most bioanalytical assays used in pharmaceutical and diagnostics R&D. We focus on antibody-driven solutions that consider your specific needs, whether that’s for an innovation, a focus on cost-per-run, reliability or reproducibility, or a scalable process for high-throughput screening. And we’ve developed assays to measure processes such as enzyme activity, antigen capture, cell proliferation and activity, and competitive protein binding.

Putting Assays to Work, Smartly

Having experience with assay methods will only get you so far: more important is having an acute understanding of potential applications. Antibody Solutions can leverage key assay methods in any number of applications, including:

Reporter Based Assays

If you're looking for a specific function beyond mere binding from your antibody candidates, such as an agonist that stimulates different biological pathways or an antagonist that neutralizes a specific biological pathway, you may need a reporter based assay. 

These types of assays need to be created and optimized to work, often in less than ideal conditions such as with antibody supernatants or within complex matrices.

We can develop and optimize reporter based assays so that they can be used as a primary screening tool or as a validation tool once a panel of antibody candidates has been selected.

PK/PD Assays

Once you’ve discovered the right reagents for you PK/PD assay, you have to create the assay that utilizes those antibodies. AS can help you determine the optimal conditions for your assay in an R&D setting.

Potency Assays

Potency assays, which measure a drug’s ability to elicit dose-dependent responses, are usually required by regulatory agencies before the release of a drug product. Antibody Solutions offers critical reagent development for the creation of potency assays. We use biolayer interferometry (BLI) technology to speedily deliver clear and reliable data. Our extensive experience with potency assay method development and qualification offers another way to approach your project.

Assays and Methods that Pass Every Test

Whether used in diagnostics, therapeutics, or research reagents, our assay and methods services deliver solutions that are innovative, inexpensive, reliable and amenable to high-throughput screening. In other words, they can pack exactly the punch our clients want.