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Our Advantage

What Makes Us Different

Every valued company builds its success on top of pillars crafted to stand the test of time, change, and new discoveries. Here are ours.

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Smart Science That Accelerates Your Research

From our inception, our process has been to learn about new scientific discoveries and integrate the best into our platform. This enables us to advance every client’s scientific interests and their boldest aspirations. We’ve invested in the  knowledge infrastructure that many biopharmaceutical companies – managing a great many concerns – may not be able to cultivate in-house. Put simply, what your business deserves is the specialty science that we provide. Our clients find that our approach delivers trusted results while saving them precious time and budget. 

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Proven Processes That You Can Trust

We care about “the why” – a lot. But we’ve also spent a generation perfecting “the how” ( i.e., the processes that underpin successful antibody discovery). From target analysis and immunization strategy to antibody characterization and validation, we follow a set of protocols, procedures, and instructions that have reliably delivered fit-for-purpose outcomes. And all projects are directed by dedicated project managers focused on results, efficiency, and budget – whether we're following established strategies for well defined targets or developing strategies for novel targets. 

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A Certain Sincerity Earns Your Trust

Since Day One, our business has often grown through returning clients and industry referrals. Results matter, of course, but so does our approach to customer service. Sincerity is our secret sauce – a blend of timely, transparent communication not only about project successes, but perhaps more importantly about any variances we encounter (especially regarding anything that can impact budgets or timelines). We're upfront about the costs and timelines involved with successful antibody discovery. Our clients don't have to join a club, ask for discounts, or worry that they're not getting the best price. We guarantee transparency through communication tools that provide a 24/7 online view of estimates, work orders, and material submissions.

Put Our Best to Work for You. 

Every attribute that marks our best work is ready to be applied to your next project. Contact us and let’s discover together how our pillars can solidify the success of your next antibody discovery initiative.