Critical Reagent Antibody Discovery

Critical Reagent Antibody Discovery

As your research nears ever-closer to clinical trials, the risks associated with a misstep bring ever-greater consequences. And with that pressure mounting, finding the right partner for custom antibody development becomes ever-more important.

At Antibody Solutions, we can be precisely that right partner for you, just as we have been for more than 500 clients in nearly 25 years of serving biopharma startups and mainstays.

From anti-Idiotype antibodies and immunogenicity/ADA reagents to PK/PD antibodies and potency assays, our roster of design and development services is managed to help you move through every step in the critical reagent antibody discovery process confidently, rapidly and cost-effectively. Whether your sights are set on monoclonal or polyclonal antibody discovery, we anchor our shared success to:

  • Fully integrated, time-tested quality assurance (QA) and project management techniques that keep projects on-point, on-time and on-budget (for budgets of nearly any size)
  • Scalable development--from pilot antibody production to low-gram scale production--that can easily expand to meet your needs
  • Comprehensive identification and traceability procedures that continually track and verify the antibodies we produce on your behalf
  • Timely communication from our team to yours, including automatic updates from our exclusive project management platform and highly responsive project leads
  • An equitable fee-for-service model that makes it easy (and financially attractive) to discontinue less-than-fruitful research efforts and pivot resources to more promising ones

The bottom line? At the intersection of business and science, process matters now more than ever. At Antibody Solutions, our process is proven. When it’s combined with our collective knowledge and expertise in critical reagent antibody discovery, it makes for an incredibly powerful ally for your research. Contact us to discover how.