Critical Reagent Antibody Discovery

Leverage proven expertise to your advantage

Selecting and characterizing the right reagents for your antibody discovery program has a direct correlation to the reliability and accuracy of your assays. At Antibody Solutions, we base every step on what’s best for your distinct application – immunogenicity positive control, capture or detection reagents for pharmacokinetic (PK) assays, or controls for pharmacodynamic (PD) assays.


Our Shared Success

Our recognized expertise in antibody discovery has translated into well-earned trust from our clients. We collaborate with them on their toughest research challenges, allowing them to capitalize on a track record that includes:

  • Establishing 25+ years’ of anti-idiotype monoclonal antibody program experience, with a greater than 95% success rate

  • Generating highly selective anti-idiotype affinity purified polyclonal antibodies

  • Developing PK and immunogenicity assays using our reagents

  • Developing anti-idiotype polyclonal antibodies to 138 targets for 42 client companies since 2018 

Reagents for PK/PD Analysis

When well-planned and well-executed, pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis can yield extremely valuable insights to guide the preclinical development of your target. First and foremost, the appropriate reagents are required to accurately address this critical stage. Depending on the assay, the drug format, and even the therapeutic modality, reagents to support PK/PD can take many forms, including anti-idiotypic monoclonal pairs (from rodents or rabbits) or even affinity purified polyclonals.

That’s precisely the kind of PK/PD reagent generation the team at Antibody Solutions delivers, helping you pinpoint critical data on half-life, bioavailability, dose-response relationships, stability, and other key variables. The end result is better informed candidate selection, optimized dosing, and improved trial design.

Immunogenicity Controls for Anti-Drug Antibody (ADA) Analysis 

We begin by picking the proper tools for the job (including target drug, bespoke fragments, and sub-domains, as well as isotype and framework controls). Whether it’s supporting assay development for preclinical in vivo studies, or providing critical reagents for clinical trials, the developmental stage of a candidate will impact the strategies employed. ADA assays to assess immunogenicity can take many forms, including bridging and drug pull-down assays. Rest assured, Antibody Solutions has the experience and established processes to help advance your research confidently, rapidly, and cost-effectively.  

Assays that always pass the test

From anti-Idiotype antibodies and immunogenicity/ADA reagents to PK/PD antibodies and potency assays, our roster of design and development services is managed to help you move through every step in the critical reagent antibody discovery process confidently, rapidly and cost-effectively. 

The Bottom Line?

At the intersection of business and science, process matters now more than ever. At Antibody Solutions, our process is proven. When it’s combined with our collective knowledge and expertise in critical reagent antibody discovery, it makes for an incredibly powerful ally for your research. Contact us to discover how.