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Our Flexible Cellestive Pathways


Hybridoma Library

Our B-cell fusion and hybridoma generation platform immortalizes the immune response by combining optimized fusion techniques and proprietary growth medium formulations to promote diversity and stability of the hybridoma population. Single-cell sorting of true clones by Flow Cytometry both improves the fidelity of screening and expedites the discovery process, since as no further sub-cloning is required.


The Hybridoma Libraries we produce on your behalf are designed to deliver enduring value: they’re cryopreserved to maximize efficiency and flexibility while also minimizing your overhead costs of future research. Our high-yield hybridoma culture system allows for multiplexed high-throughput screening, including binding and even functional assays to interrogate thousands of clones and identify desired hits in a single round of screening.


Primary B-Cell

Direct interrogation and sequencing of single B-cells is a critical component of our antibody discovery platform, especially as the industry focus has continued to shift its focus to more complex therapeutic targets.


Robust single-cell isolation, screening and sorting capabilities are combined with optimized V(D)J amplification for multiple species and next generation sequencing (NGS) technology to yield antigen-specific B-cell sequences that maintain cognate VH and VL pairing.

In addition, De Novo gene synthesis and recombinant expression of antibody sequences in mammalian cells allows for rapid validation and lead selection.


Guided NGS

A truly comprehensive antibody discovery platform requires the integration of multiple technologies and workflows to deeply interrogate the immune response while also delivering clear and actionable multiparameter screening data.


Our Guided NGS approach combines single B-cell sequence informatics with the high-throughput functional screening capabilities of the Hybridoma Library platform to provide a road map for successful navigation of the immune repertoire. The end result is a more efficient and cost-effective platform for deep mining of the antigen-specific B-cell population.


Bright, Distinct Responses to Your Antibody Discovery Challenges


Your Challenge:
Fair Pricing Models

I want to explore multiple discovery methods or technologies but it would stress our budget, and the associated downstreams make it unattractive for investors.


Our Response:
We’re Calibrated

Good science and cost-effective approaches are not mutually exclusive. We can provide multiple pathways to reduce time-to-market and optimize resources, making your investment go further.


Your Challenge:
Vendor Tech Biases

I’m finding that too many research organizations are tied to specific platforms, offerings or approaches, even if those aren't the best tools for the job.


Our Response:
We’re Flexible

We aren’t beholden to one distinct method, technique or technology. We have the scientific agility, vision, audacity to follow where the science leads us – right to the surest approach(es) for your project.


Your Challenge:
Insufficient Support

I know the discovery goal my organization wants to reach, but need guidance from a team with the breadth of vision and specialized expertise that we lack in order to reach those goals.


Our Response:
We’re Thorough

Our clients will ultimately always choose which pathways to travel, but they’ll make those decisions based on our thorough presentation of all the options, methods, and costs.

Let’s Illuminate a Better Way Together

Cellestive gives our most discerning clients all the options they need to optimize their antibody discovery. So how will your stars align? Let’s initiate the Cellestive process and find out together.

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