Polyclonal Antibody Discovery and Production

Advantages of Polyclonal Antibody Discovery

In preclinical research, taking the road less traveled can sometimes get you to your target faster (and with fewer frustrations). Polyclonal antibody development is one such path – one that can offer some considerable advantages over monoclonal antibodies.

Polyclonal antibodies can sometimes be more robust and sensitive than monoclonal antibodies at detecting proteins at low concentrations. They remain stable across a wide range of pH and buffer compositions, and they can detect related proteins with a high degree of homology to the immunogen.

An Experienced Hand Will Maximize Outcomes

Polyclonal antibody production requires a unique command of multiple disciplines, such as serum production, affinity purification, and functional analysis. If you’re in need of a research-grade reagent and/or anti-idiotype antibody, you’ll find that our science and processes feature:

  • Scalability

    We can easily scale our projects – either with the number or type of research species used – to quickly yield your desired quantity of final product.

  • Speed

    Our rapid rabbit immunization program takes only six weeks – half the length of standard research timelines. It  provides high-titer sera and high yields of affinity-purified antibodies.

  • Flexibility

    We can add value from antigen generation to purification and focus our expertise on the most crucial dynamics shaping your research.

  • Specificity

    Our team is an expert in antigen-affinity purification to obtain purified antibody by both positive and negative selection methods resulting in a final product that is highly specific to your target.

  • Integrity

    We offer polyclonal antibody production in rabbits and goats at facilities that are both USDA-licensed and AAALAC-certified.

If Long-Term Success Inspires You… 

Our repeated client successes in polyclonal antibody production are proof-positive of our ability to deliver. We’d welcome the opportunity to advance your research efficiencies by serving as a cost-effective, one-stop shop for all of your serum production, affinity purification, and analysis needs. Contact us and we can discover together how your specific research needs match up with our custom polyclonal antibody development programs and capabilities.