Antibody Manufacturing

R&D Manufacturing

 In custom antibody discovery, once lead selection is complete and it’s time to produce antibodies, a new set of dynamics quickly become key benchmarks: ”speed,” “scalability,” and “purity” are the mainstays that define success. In fact, this is when the quality of the process used in antibody production jumps to the top of the list.

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Production from Hybridoma

Available exclusively to Antibody Solutions clients, MAbExpress™ is a highly personalized, responsive and agile technology that, when combined with our commitment to process excellence, enables us to deliver the high-quality, R&D grade, fit-for-purpose antibodies that you need for your drug research or in vivo animal studies. Through MAbExpress™, your team can cut production timelines by:

  • Generating a large quantity of the antibodies you need from a single lot, guaranteed by in-process monitoring

  • Leveraging bioreactors to scale up research-grade output

  • Securing production and purification for all antibody species (mouse, rat, human) and isotypes (IgG and IgM)

  • Capitalizing on the proven success of a standard MAbExpress™ program on multiple scales that delivers on specs like:

    • Fast turnaround to research-scale quantity of antibody

    • Manufacture-scale quantities of antibody

    • Quantities guaranteed by in-process monitoring

    • Low endotoxin

    • <0.1% Bovine IgG

    • Very low protease, host DNA and RNAse

    • High-purity antibodies for in vivo animal studies


Faster. More reliable. Animal-friendly. All the best attributes you look for in antibody production are natural outcomes of the combination of our science-based approach and MAbExpress™. 

Recombinant Antibody Production

Starting from a sequence? Antibody Solutions can employ its experience in recombinant expression to deliver purified antibodies for all your R&D needs. 

Beginning with de novo gene synthesis and expression vector design, Antibody Solutions can ensure the highest quality starting material, including:

  • Codon- optimized gene synthesis and cloning via Gibson assembly

  • Multiple Species (human, mouse, rat, rabbit) including chimeric constructs

  • Multiple isotypes (from IgG1 to IgG4)

  • Custom mutations (Fc, knob-in-hole heterodimers, etc)

  • Sequence verification and QC with low endotoxin plasmid preps


Equipped with the highest quality starting material, we can then proceed with recombinant antibody production and purification utilizing: 

  • Mammalian expression hosts (CHO or HEK)

  • Optimized transfection system and harvest schedule

  • Suspension cell cultures for high yield (up to >1 g)

  • Option to generate stable cell line

  • Manufacturing grade resins for antibody purification

Taking on the tough challenges together

Our hallmarks in antibody purification and production are aligned to exactly what our clients need most: reliability, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness. To learn more about our antibody manufacturing process and see how it may be an ideal match for your team’s needs, just contact us to get the conversation started.