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Antigen Development

Getting Antigen Development Right is No Small Matter

A misstep at this crucial early stage can trip up a research program before it even has a chance to hit its stride. That’s why, at Antibody Solutions, we’ve established a well-earned reputation for designing antigens that lead to antibodies with the affinity and specificity you need.

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Combining the Art and Science of Antigen Design

By combining our scientific expertise with time-tested processes, we can successfully address key variables of antigen design and generation. We can:

  • Secure the best recombinant proteins: 

    Thanks to existing relationships with established, reliable vendors, we can avoid all the hassles, inconvenience, and lost time of searching and filtering through a growing universe of catalog providers to find the highest quality recombinant protein. And if the recombinant protein you need doesn’t exist in the broader market, we can develop it, including options such as custom affinity tags, fusion proteins, chimeric constructs, and unique isoforms.

  • Design and conjugate peptides: 

    When you need to target a specific epitope, we employ antigenicity and prediction algorithms to determine which peptides w ill work best for key amino acid sequences as immunogens. We then direct synthesis of peptides (based on optimizing for immunogenicity, water solubility, and other factors), conjugate them to carriers, and, finally, validate them through the use of established quality-control protocols. This approach yields more reliable, robust results than other techniques.

  • Develop recombinant DNA: 

    We can generate DNA to use as an immunogen in vectors that are optimized for immunization. We can also use recombinant DNA to support other stages of your antibody discovery project.

  • Create syngeneic cell lines: 

    Cells expressing your target can be a powerful immunization tool, for complex membrane proteins in particular. We specialize in generating stable syngeneic cell lines in appropriate transfection hosts based on your target, for immunization using proprietary, codon-optimized vectors. This focuses the immune response on your target and not the parental host cell line. Additionally, any cell line that we develop can be used as a screening reagent. 

  • Design haptens and conjugates: 

    Small molecule targets are known to be challenging for antibody discovery. However, using a carefully designed hapten-carrier conjugate and a strategically developed immunoassay, we can achieve a robust immune response from the immunogen and ensure that we are identifying true target specific binders.

No matter how  we approach antigen design on your behalf, the goal is the same: to minimize risk and help you follow proven processes that ensure a robust, target-specific response to your antigen.

To learn more about the science behind our antigen development services, see Obtaining Antibodies to Difficult Membrane Targets Through DNA Cell Immunization and Generation of Antibodies to Difficult Membrane Protein Targets.

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