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Three Decades of Revealing the Future

In operation since 1995, Antibody Solutions is one of the world’s first custom antibody discovery companies, and one of the first companies to emerge as part of a major shift to outsourcing in the way drug companies pursue discovery and development. Officially incorporated in 1998, it was founded and is headed by President John S. Kenney, PhD, and Chief Financial Officer Judith Lynch-Kenney.


Early Antibody Innovations Become Industry Standards

From its humble beginnings in Palo Alto, Antibody Solutions has sought to innovate. The prospect of creating original, innovative antibodies that could be tailored to meet critical needs made for an exciting business opportunity. The company was borne, in large part, from a market study that uncovered a major lack in the antibody therapeutics field: there was, at the time, no industry leader providing high-quality, fit-for-purpose antibody discovery serivces. Antibody Solutions sought to fill that gap, developing a platform of services that would enable more organizations a seat at the antibody therapeutics table.


Development, Scalability, and Flexibility

The years 1999 to 2001 saw dynamic, strategic growth at Antibody Solutions on both the technical and operational fronts. The company was an early adapter of tissue culture bioreactor flasks – taking the place of mouse ascites, a major animal welfare concern – before they became industry standard. Additionally, the company gained flexibility and scalability in delivering their expanding list of services through the development of a custom enterprise resource database that is still in use today.


Continued Growth

With demand for its services steadily growing, Antibody Solutions moved its operations in 2004 to a new facility in Mountain View, California. This larger space allowed for the installation of a vivarium to manage immunizations onsite. In 2006, as industry innovators began to more seriously explore the use of antibodies in therapeutics, Antibody Solutions became the first company to offer high-throughput screening of antibodies to cell-surface antigens using a custom-built, automated flow cytometry platform. In 2018, Antibody Solutions updated its brand to include a new identity, designed for the company by Inveniv.


Partnerships Continue to Grow

As the company’s client base and service offerings continued to expand, Antibody Solutions outgrew its existing facility and relocated in 2011 to a larger office and lab space in Sunnyvale, California. At the same time, the firm began collaborating with human antibody transgenic animal providers: first with OMT (OmniAb®), and later with Trianni, Harbour Antibodies™, and Alloy Therapeutics. This enabled Antibody Solutions to leverage its deep knowledge of animal-based antibody generation with the advantages of fully human antibodies for therapeutics development. In 2018, Antibody Solutions updated all of its brand messaging including a new logo, designed for Antibody Solutions by Inveniv. 

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Global Reach

In 2019, AS moved to its current 33,000 sq. ft. facility in Santa Clara, where it continues to serve clients both locally and worldwide.



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