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Judith Lynch-Kenney

Judith Lynch-Kenney

As the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Antibody Solutions, Judy directs the company’s finance, accounting, human resources and administration functions. A member of the senior executive team, she contributes to charting the company’s growth strategy and to ensuring that it remains one of the industry’s best places to work. Judy helped launch Antibody Solutions in 1995, after having served in marketing administration at Syntex Laboratories from 1983 to 1995. A graduate of the University of South Florida, Judy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

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Women Helping Women Power Through the Pandemic

By Judith Lynch-Kenney on 08/24/2020

On July 30th, we had the pleasure of moderating a virtual panel on Antibody Discovery and the Pandemic for the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Women in Bio (an event I joined via Zoom from our new headquarters in Santa Clara). At the beginning of 2020, our goal here at Antibody Solutions was to host a networking and professional development event on the last Thursday of each month: January was our grand opening . . . February was our inaugural “Bits, Bites and Brews” event . . . and March was, well, you can guess what happened there.

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