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Getting your antigen to stand out in the crowd

By Michael Trang on 03/16/2021

Here at Antibody Solutions, we believe that starting with the best possible input will yield the best possible output. A critical input for any antibody discovery program is the immunogen; i.e., what will be administered to the host animal to raise an antibody response? While it may seem complex, intact cells bearing your target antigen may be the best input. We explore that subject in this blog post through a series of frequently asked questions from our clients.

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COVID-19 Targets, Tools and Therapeutics (Part 2)

By Dr. John Kenney on 12/15/2020

Antibody Solutions is doing its part to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, including original research, tool discovery, and participation in in-house and client-sponsored discovery programs. In this new blog series, we examine questions such as: What are the potential targets to treat COVID-19 and its sequelae, and what are the strategies and tools to discover drugs to treat the disease?

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Expanding the Repertoire of Antibody Drug Discovery with Lambda Light-Chain Models

By Joshua Lowitz on 11/30/2020

Accessing the Untapped Potential of 33% of Human IgG

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Expanded Partnership Offers Antibody Solutions Clients Access to the Transgenic H2L2 Harbour Mice™ Platform

By Dr. John Kenney on 05/16/2019


Agreement Provides for Easy Access to the Transgenic H2L2 Harbour Mice™ Platform with Antibody Solutions’ Discovery and Development Services

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A New Way to Solve Problematic Rat IgG Purification

By Dr. John Kenney on 05/10/2019

When you think about the rat IgG production and purification process (especially IgG2a), what words often come to mind? If you’re like most researchers, it’s probably a combination of these: frustration, missed timelines, low purity, and poor recovery.

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