We have a straightforward formula for client success: we combine a recognized passion for science, a demonstrated prowess for process and a healthy respect for your time, resources and IP. Put simply, you’re in the center, and we’re here to help make your discovery wheel spin—in your desired direction, at the ideal speed.

Your antibody doesn’t just end with a “y”—it begins with one

We begin every new assignment by getting to the “why?” not just the “what?” and “when.” By maintaining our independence and an acute emphasis on fit-to-purpose antibody discovery, we ensure our focus is where it rightly belongs: helping you solve complex challenges and accelerate more efficacious antibodies to the clinic.

In antibody development, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions—your research deserves a unique approach activated by thoughtful inquiry and informed by expert analysis. That’s exactly what Antibody Solutions delivers.

A commitment to doing the right things right

It’s one thing to talk about the importance of process. It’s quite another to center your whole business around it.

Process is at the heart of everything we do at Antibody Solutions. Over the past 20-plus years, we’ve refined a highly personalized, responsive and agile service platform reinforced by a series of proprietary processes. Part art and part science, these processes enable us to deliver the highest quality antibodies and an unrivaled customer experience marked by:

  • Continual communication: From pairing you with a dedicated project manager focused on your project to sending auto-generated milestone alerts, you’ll never be left wondering about your project’s status.
  • True transparency: Through our project portal, you’ll have anytime, anywhere access to your estimates, work orders, and submissions.
  • Aligned objectives: “Time is money” has never been truer than now, so we pursue concurrent strategies to identify the most promising path early in the process before it’s too late to shift resources.
  • Built-in quality checks: Our Quality Management System helps us pinpoint errors, investigate them and derive practical remedies before they derail your progress.

What’s yours is yours

Very much by design, our two-part fee model is designed to streamline billing—for you and for us. And it puts ownership of your research in the right hands: yours.

First, we apply a pay-as-you-go approach. That means you only pay for the actual work we complete on your behalf, not for unnecessary or unsubstantiated research nor for “projected activities” concealed in a vast, convoluted SOW. (In fact, our work orders are so unambiguous, they become our project plans.)

Second, our royalty-free fee-for-service model means you won’t encounter any IP blocking or downstream surprises. You don’t have to “budget us in” ad infinitum; we help you succeed, and then stand at the ready to help with your next antibody discovery initiative.

Having a point in every direction is like having no point at all

Selecting a partner that wants to be all things to all people—especially when specialty science is involved—can be a recipe for setbacks.

When you collaborate with Antibody Solutions, you’re teaming up with a company that’s focused solely on contract research and development in custom antibodies. That means we’re not distracted by other business lines such as clinical trials or regulatory services. Rather we’re focused on providing you with the collective insights and experience of specialists in immunology, antibody discovery, and a host of other critical disciplines to support your research needs.