Receptor Blocking

Receptor Blocking Assays

Too bad antibodies don’t communicate just like we do; if they did, we could simply ask, “Hey, are you functional or not?” Thankfully, at Antibody Solutions, we speak their language. And with a little help from blocking assays, we can actually ask that same question--and get just the right answer.

receptor-blockingAs it often does with our antibody discovery work, study design and capabilities quickly become the driving force. For example, you might get dozens or even hundreds of antibodies, but need to determine if some are sister clones that should be eliminated. Or if you’re conducting cancer research, you may want to prevent VEGA-A from binding to receptors at R1 and R2 to limit its functionality. Or you might want to ensure your antibody behaves a certain way, like blocking the ligand from binding to the receptor, so isolation becomes especially critical.

No matter your challenges, our team can help you select the type format of blocking assay that best fits your needs.  Whether it’s ELISA, Flow Cytometry or label-free kinetics that’s poised to deliver your team the best value (quality, speed and cost), we have the expertise to help, including:

  • Project managers who work closely with your team on a target-by-target basis and help design an assay to fit your needs
  • A well-trained scientific staff that can operate all of the equipment necessary to run blocking assays in various formats (ELISA, Flow Cytometry, BMIA)
  • Expertise in tapping the power of the ForteBio Octet instrument to conduct label-free analysis that saves time and money
  • Experience in developing PK assays, which allow us to bin the epitopes of antibodies so that we find a pair of high-affinity Abs that would bind to the different epitopes of the target

When you’re looking to develop a receptor blocking assay, look no further than Antibody Solutions. We’re your one-stop shop that can label, design and run the assay to identify blocking antibodies. Simply contact us directly to discuss your upcoming research needs and objectives. And if you’d like to learn more about our work in this area, you can download two of recent research studies: Discovery Platform for Therapeutic D-Proteins and Development of Antibodies and ELISAs to measure Free and Total Obiltoxaximab (ETI-204) in the Presence of Anthrax Protective Antigen PA63.