Flow Cytometry for High-Throughput Flow Screening

Since its inception, Antibody Solutions has been developing innovative flow cytometry applications and generated many antibody reagents optimized for flow cytometry. Our flow cytometry instrumentation includes a FACS AriaIII for analysis and sorting and Guava EasyCyte cytometers for high-throughput analysis.

Flow Cytometry

Beginning in 2005, Antibody Solutions pioneered the use of a robotic work cell to enable the high-throughput screening of clones to cell surface antigens. This system can automatically analyze several stacks of 96-well plates for antibodies that bind to cell-surface receptors of interest. Conditioned media from hybridoma clones are screened for binding to cells expressing the antigen of interest, and positive samples are identified automatically based on the fluorescence of the gated cell population.

This method is advantageous over cell-based ELISA, in that the signal to noise ratios tend to be much higher, and cell preparations do not have to be homogenous because the population of interest can be gated by a population-specific marker. Using this instrument, we are able to screen about 2000 samples per shift.

flow cytometry