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A High-Performance Discovery Platform

Whether they represent top pharmas and biotechs, diagnostic companies or university research labs, our clients share a common aim: To get on the right research path that yields the best results, fastest.

To help them get there, we rely on a discovery platform that unites our expertise with tried-and-true processes to deliver sincerely solid science that moves their research forward.

Target Analysis

As a natural part of our own due diligence, we start by rigorously analyzing your target. Our up-front antigen analysis uncovers factors that could help or hinder the odds of success, saving time that might otherwise be spent exploring less-fruitful (and potentially expensive) directions.


Immunization Strategy

Relying on our deep, broad expertise in immunology, we identify the most prudent path(s) for your research. We consider all the key variables—antigen forms, adjuvants, animal platforms, protocols and more—to craft a robust solution.


B-cell isolation and Interrogation

Whether your project is best-suited for a hybridoma or primary B cell approach, we always apply the best and most appropriate technologies for you. Our Hybridoma Library™ bulk fusion process, for example, immortalizes and cryopreserves the entire immune response at one time. The libraries are screened for “Go” or “No Go” decisions before costly cloning and subsequent screening occur.


Clone Isolation

Thanks to a finely honed expertise in FACS sorting, we produce truly monoclonal cultures from our Hybridoma Libraries. The result? You save the time and costs associated with traditional fuse-and-plate processes and get a high-fidelity sample in the process. Alternately, clones identified by sequencing can be re-expressed or reformatted.


Antibody Characterization

We collaborate closely with you to identify which analyses are most critical to your discovery efforts. Then using high-throughput ELISA, flow cytometry or other screening methods, we home in on which antibodies offer the most promise.


Antibody Validation

With analysis complete, we stand at the ready to provide a host of services—in production, purification, functional analysis, sequencing and more—that deliver added value to your program. Additionally, we can develop critical reagents and custom assays that continue to advance your research.