Technology That’s Destined to Deliver

Having access to the right technologies is a prerequisite for any successful antibody discovery effort. But that’s not enough. You need to know how, when—and why—to make those technologies maximize their potential.

Our team has expertise in the key antibody technologies used to create better antigens, antibodies and antibody-based applications. Our principal focus is on animal-derived antibodies, since they’re the most proven in biopharmaceutical research, diagnostics and therapeutics.

Thanks to more than two decades of precision science, we’ve perfected a robust platform for antibody development and manufacturing that capitalizes on our extensive expertise in:

  • Antigen development (haptens to cells)
  • Rapid immunization protocols
  • Transgenic animal platforms that have included Alloy Therapeutics (ATX-Gx), Harbour Biomed (H2L2, HCAb), The OmniAb® Rodent Platforms, and Trianni (The Trianni Mouse™)
  • Hybridoma Library™ to capture and preserve all antibodies
  • Flow cytometry cloning for “true” clones
  • High-throughput flow cytometry screening of cellular antigens
  • In vitro bio-reactor technology for antibody production
  • Custom purification and conjugation (to haptens, carriers, labels and effector enzymes)
  • Single B cell antibody discovery
  • Affinity analysis
  • Antibody epitope binning
  • Methods and assays, including ELISA, flow cytometry, and functional assays