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Capturing the Functional Antibody Repertoire from Multiple B-cell Subsets Following Antigen Stimulation

B-cells are the original antibody display platform. Over time, they have proved to be the most reliable source of therapeutic antibodies. Capturing the full diversity of antibodies has been challenging due to how subsets of different b-cells display those antibodies and the ability to obtain paired heavy and light chain sequences. Our newly integrated platform of services – CellestiveTM – seeks to capture multiple functional B-cell subset repertoires using a flexible, comprehensive, and cost-effective approach.


FACS provides a common platform for evaluation of surface and secreted antibody from hybridomas and B-cells. Direct staining of surface IgG can detect antigen specific activated B-cells, memory B-cells and hybridomas. Gel microdroplets can be used to capture and report the antigen specific hybridomas and plasma cells. Paired VH+VL RNA sequence technology enables robust sequencing of hybridomas and single B-cells isolated by FACS.

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We invite you to download our poster that details this research study, including our antibody discovery strategy as well as the Spike protein reagents, screening assay formats, and more that we utilized.

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John S. Kenney, Leonel Santibanez-Vargas, Rick Chang, Emily Keshner


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