Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing

Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing

Reliable, Timely and Cost-Effective Monoclonal Antibody Production and Purification Programs

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In custom antibody development, once target selection is complete and it’s time to produce antibodies, a new set of dynamics quickly become key benchmarks: ”speed,” “scalability” and “purity” are the mainstays that define success. In fact, this is when the quality of the process used in antibody production jumps to the top of the list. And “process”--the mastery of it, that is--is at the very heart of everything we do at Antibody Solutions.

Available exclusively to Antibody Solutions clients, MAbExpress™ is a highly personalized, responsive and agile technology that, when combined with our commitment to process excellence, enables us to deliver the high-quality, R&D grade, fit-for-purpose antibodies that you need for your drug research or in vivo animal studies.

Through MAbExpress™, your team can cut production timelines by:

  • Generating a large quantity of the antibodies you need from a single lot, guaranteed by in-process monitoring
  • Leveraging additional bioreactors (as needed) to scale up research-grade output
  • Boosting reproducibility, performance, and efficiency through the use of our Andrew + pipetting robot from Andrew Alliance, S.A.
  • Securing production and purification for all antibody species (mouse, rat, human) and isotopes (IgG and IgM)
  • Capitalizing on the proven success of a standard MAbExpress™ program on multiple scales that delivers on specs like:
    • MAbExpress: from 5 mg to >1 g scale
      • Research-scale quantity of antibody –> Fast
      • Manufacture-scale quantities of antibody
      • Quantities guaranteed by in-process monitoring
    • <0.01 EU/mg endotoxin
    • <0.1% Bovine IgG
    • Very low protease, host DNA and RNAse
    • High-purity Abs for in vivo animal studies
    • Analysis and documentation, including Certificate of Analysis
  • Validating a panel of custom antibodies at once, and confirming their quality through analysis and documentation (including a Certificate of Analysis)

Faster. More reliable. Animal-friendly. All the best attributes you look for in antibody production are natural outcomes of the combination of our science-based approach and MAbExpress™.

To learn more about our antibody manufacturing process and see how it may be an ideal match for your team’s needs, just contact us directly