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Agreement Provides for Easy Access to the Transgenic H2L2 Harbour Mice™ Platform with Antibody Solutions’ Discovery and Development Services

Cambridge, Mass. and Sunnyvale, Calif. (May 16, 2019) -- Antibody Solutions and Harbour Antibodies BV, a Harbour Biomed subsidiary, have expanded their technology partnership to allow Antibody Solutions to use the company’s patented H2L2 Harbour Mice™ platform in its therapeutic antibody discovery service offerings to its clients in research and development of biotherapeutics.

John Kenney, PhD, president and co-founder of Antibody Solutions, noted that this new agreement offers the company’s clients easy access to the transgenic H2L2 Harbour Mice™ platform through a pre-negotiated Technology Evaluation license. “We’ve long enjoyed our technology partnership with Harbour Antibodies,” Dr. Kenney said,” and we’re very pleased that our clients now have the opportunity to assess the H2L2 technology through the single-target evaluation program before deciding whether to convert to a full commercial license.”

H2L2 Harbour Mice™ produce classical antibodies (two heavy and two light chain immunoglobulins) with fully human variable regions. In response to antigen challenge, the engineered mice produce in vivo affinity-matured, target-specific human antibodies with low risk for immunogenicity. Antigen-specific H2L2 monoclonal antibodies can be recovered using standard hybridoma technology. The transgenic H2L2 Harbour Mice™ platform has been used by dozens of organizations for antibody discovery, and to date, two antibodies generated by the platform have entered clinical trials.“Harbour Antibodies is pleased to team up with Antibody Solution in offering the transgenic H2L2 Harbour Mice™ platform in a unique business model,” said Dr. Jingsong Wang, CEO of Harbour BioMed. “Our approach is structured to facilitate easy access to the transgenic H2L2 Harbour Mice™ platform through a pre-negotiated technology evaluation license and to readily integrate with Antibody Solutions’ services.”

About Harbour Antibodies BV
Harbour Antibodies BV is a fully owned subsidiary of Harbour BioMed, a global biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing innovative therapeutics for oncology and immunological diseases ( Harbour Antibodies BV owns two strains of transgenic mice (H2L2 and HCAb Harbour Mice™) for generating human therapeutic antibodies: (1) mice that generate antibodies comprised of two heavy chains and two light chains (H2L2) with fully human variable regions; and (2) mice that generate novel “heavy chain only” antibodies (HCAb). HCAb Harbour Mice™ enable  development of antibody fragment-based biotherapeutics such as nanobodies, bi-specific antibodies and CAR-T with favorable drug-like properties. For additional information, please visit

About Antibody Solutions
Antibody Solutions helps biopharmaceutical companies advance their discovery of better diagnostics and therapeutics by delivering fit-for-purpose antibodies. Through an acute customer-service focus, the company provides comprehensive project management and technical support in a fee-for-service, pay-as-you-go model. With a long-standing reputation for scientific acumen and a time-tested discovery process, Antibody Solutions has served more than 500 clients, including nine of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies. Founded in 1995, the company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. and serves clients worldwide. Learn more at

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Dr. John Kenney

Written by Dr. John Kenney

Author of more than 40 publications, John’s current research interests include new technologies for improving therapeutic antibody discovery, properties of next-generation antibody-like molecules, and best practices for critical reagents used in biologics development.

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