Humanized Transgenic Animal

Transgenic Animal

Leveraging transgenic animal platforms for your antibody discovery

Since the first transgenic mouse was created in 1974, scientists have sought to capitalize fully on the promise transgenic animals offer to cut the time and cost of antibody discovery. After all, humanized transgenic animals have the advantage of producing fully human antibody variable domains that can be easily converted to fully human antibodies, while conventional animals require the extra time and effort involved in humanization.

Thumbnail - Optimization of Therapeutic Discovery Strategies for Human Antibody Transgenic Animal Platforms
See our research comparing the four premier human-antibody transgenic animal platforms.

Selecting the right animal model is anything but a trivial exercise. Evaluating whether to use conventional animals alone or to incorporate human antibody-producing transgenic platforms into your research could impact your discovery timeline. Each platform requires a tailored approach that demands deep experience and an understanding that the best practices for antibody discovery, such as immunization protocols, tailored reagents, and data interpretation, can differ for each platform.

We know your choice of animal model may not rest solely on the science side of things; there are always other factors involved. But regardless of your decision, we can and will make it work. Antibody Solutions has run successful campaigns using conventional and humanized transgenic animal platforms. In fact, we were one of the first companies to use humanized transgenic animals when they became available to CROs in 2012 and have run over 850 programs since then. And we’re one of the few, if only, companies that’s worked with all four of the available transgenic animal platforms on a non-exclusive basis.

That’s why our clients trust Antibody Solutions. They depend on us to help them evaluate the best options from a continually growing array of choices. Our mission to develop successful fit-for-purpose antibodies begins with a clear understanding of your purpose as well as the business dynamics shaping your research pipeline.

When you’re ready to start, we have established relationships with the industry’s premier transgenic animal providers (Table 1) and can help you leverage the benefits of their scientific expertise and technology.

We’ve found considerable advantages for antibody research in all of these platforms (in fact, you can see firsthand how we compare them in this study). If one of these transgenic rodent platforms isn’t an ideal choice for your research, we’re ready to explore how other technologies may provide a better fit. In addition, we are ready to assist you with any unique animal platforms that are proprietary to your organization.

By picking the right transgenic animal platform — and then coupling it with our proven process for designing and coordinating successful antibody generation campaigns — Antibody Solutions helps you optimize both the efficiency and effectiveness of your discovery initiatives. We’d welcome the opportunity to support your next campaign, so please get in touch with us today to start the conversation.