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Development of Antibodies and ELISAs to measure Free and Total Obiltoxaximab (ETI-204) in the Presence of Anthrax Protective Antigen PA63

By Antibody Solutions Research Team on Jun 8, 2015 1:15:00 PM

Preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetic (PK) studies require highly specific and high affinity immunoassays to evaluate the safety and efficacy of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). In addition to the requirement that immunoassays specifically detect therapeutic MAbs without interference from host serum proteins, it is increasingly critical to develop reagents that allow differentiation between Free (Unbound) and Total (Bound + Unbound) drug. These reagents help to more fully characterize in vivo drug:target interaction and illustrate the full pharmacologic effect of therapeutic MAbs.

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Laboratory Methods in Immunology - Development of quantitative two-site ELISAs for soluble proteins.

By Antibody Solutions Research Team on May 23, 1990 11:17:00 AM

This two-volume reference details immunological techniques for biologists of all disciplines. Volume I includes a detailed discussion of the tissue culture laboratory. It addresses what the lab needs to be, and the general "housekeeping" procedures involved in tissue culture. Presented next are chapters on specific aspects of tissue culture and hybridoma technology. The book includes a review of bioassays for interleukins, and a series of papers on lymphokines and functional assays in vitro. The section on molecular genetic studies begins with consideration of the choice of strategies for cloning the genes of cell surface molecules. It continues with papers on aspects of molecular biological techniques most closely related to immunology. The final section covers immunochemical techniques. Volume II reviews techniques used with small laboratory animals. It includes papers on specialized procedures with animals. Technical aspects are emphasized through a detailed analysis of effects of ultraviolet light on the immune system. Covered also is antigen detection in cells and tissue. The book addresses the important areas of protein purification using monoclonal antibodies.These two volumes are of great importance to those who use immunological techniques, whether they are immunologists or trained in other disciplines. The book is intended for those in animal science, veterinary science, genetics and cell biology, bacteriology, immunology, pathology, biochemistry, laboratory medicine, and hematology.

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