CAR-T Antibody Development

CAR-T Antibody Development

Advancing your T-cell research through better chimeric antigen receptors

Proven clinical success. Expedited regulatory approval. An abundance of potential targets. It’s little wonder why Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell (CAR-T) therapy is one of today’s most promising and fastest-growing research sectors.

Successful CAR-T cell therapy relies on a specific and high-affinity binding CAR to an abnormal cell antigen. And key to that success is a specific and high-affinity binding domain derived from an antibody, making it the most efficient choice to direct CAR-T therapies to a particular target.

CAR-T_1Figure 1: How CAR-Ts are generated from antibodies

But generating the best antibody candidates for a CAR construct demands more than simply the right skills and experience. It requires an understanding of the target and how to conduct successful CAR construct campaigns.

That’s where Antibody Solutions fits in.

We leverage our command of the target, immunization strategies, and the latest antibody and automation technologies to identify and deliver customized, qualified antibody candidates. We can analyze the candidates to ensure they have the required affinity and specificity to the selected tumor-associated antigen. And our variable region sequencing process can quickly identify and validate unique antigen-binding domains of antibodies for reformatting into scFv or chimeric constructs.

Figure 2. Variable region sequencing

You can rely the Antibody Solutions team to provide you and your team with:

  • Smart technology — Through advanced, automated systems such as Attune NxT and Guava® easyCyte flow cytometers, we can generate thousands of clones per screen, giving you a larger pool of potential candidates faster
  • Flexibility — We are the only CRO to have generated antibodies from all four of the non-exclusive transgenic animal platforms available for therapeutic antibody discovery: Alloy Therapeutics’ ATX-GK® mouse, Harbour Antibodies™ H2L2 and HCAb mice, OmniAb’s OmniMouse® and OmniRat®, and the Trianni MouseTM.
  • Proven project management — With our advanced project management process, we can conduct multiple campaigns concurrently that generate valid antibody sequences for your CAR-T projects in as few as 14 weeks
  • CAR-T critical reagents — You can rely on our anti-idiotype antibody development experience to create the critical reagents for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analysis that are vital for advancing your CAR-T therapeutic
  • Attractive development terms — CARs are your intellectual property, not ours — so there are no downstream licensing or royalty fees involved

It all adds up to a formula that makes Antibody Solutions, a company with rich expertise in therapeutic antibody discovery, perfectly suited for successful CAR-T research. Since 1995 we‘ve conducted thousands of discovery campaigns, including potential targets of CAR-T therapies. (And our client return rate of 96% means you can trust us to deliver what you need, when you need it.)

To learn more about how we can help advance your CAR-T research, just contact us.

And we invite you to review this post outlining CAR-T cell therapy and, in particular, the critical importance of having ready access to high-quality, expertly developed antibodies to CAR-T targets for your research.