Antibody Research

Human antibody-producing transgenic OmniRatsTM have been used to generate monoclonal antibodies to therapeutic targets. Transgenic animals producing human antibodies are by far the most successful approach to obtaining “fully human” therapeutic antibodies. This is largely due to the ability to move transgenic animal-derived antibodies from lead selection directly to clinical development without undergoing lead optimization steps common with humanization of murine Abs or affinity maturation of Abs from phage or other synthetic libraries.


Antibody Solutions has successfully used OMT’s OmniRat™ in our Hybridoma Library™ platform in twelve therapeutic Ab campaigns. Typically, hundreds of clones were obtained for each target. OmniRat clones secrete Ab at levels typical of conventional hybridomas. Sequencing of selected clones shows high Ab gene diversity and extensive gene usage, even to conserved targets.


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We invite you to download our poster that details this research study, including our antibody discovery strategy as well as the Spike protein reagents, screening assay formats, and more that we utilized.

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John S. Kenney, Glen Lin, Jennifer Somera, Leonel Santibanez-Vargas, Rick Chang, Joshua Lowitz, Billy Nguyen, Julie Ngo, and Roland Buelow, Antibody Solutions, Sunnyvale, CA, USA & Open Monoclonal Technologies (OMT), Palo Alto, CA, USA