Antibody Research

"Using a Molecular Modeling Platform to Guide Therapeutic Antibody Discovery” details the integration of advanced 3-D modeling tools for the analysis of proteins and antibody-antigen interactions in our discovery platform. We show that adding molecular 3D modeling to the mix can reduce the cost and time of antibody discovery. 


Modeling was able to predict folding, contact residues, binding interactions, and identify unique epitopes on VEGF-D that are bound by candidate antibodies. Modeling results were in good agreement with In Vitro binding data.

By including molecular 3D modeling along with appropriate bio-physical analysis, the selection of therapeutic antibody candidates can be both guided and accelerated, reducing the cost and time, respectively, of antibody discovery.


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We invite you to download our poster that details this research study, including our antibody discovery strategy as well as the Spike protein reagents, screening assay formats, and more that we utilized.

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Joshua Lowitz, Kurt Deshayes, and John S. Kenney, Antibody Solutions, Santa Clara, Calif., USA