Antibody Research

Immunization of transgenic animals producing human antibodies is the most successful approach to obtaining fully human therapeutic antibodies. They allow for the rapid generation of candidate antibodies and the ability to transition lead candidates to clinical development without undergoing time-consuming steps such as the humanization of murine antibodies or the affinity maturation of antibodies from structural display libraries.


Antibody Solutions has successfully generated therapeutic candidate human antibodies from the Alloy Therapeutics ATX-GK and ATX-GK+ human transgenic mouse platform. Utilizing optimized protocols for monoclonal antibody discovery, 178 clones were isolated, with immunization, fusion, cloning, and screening of the mice taking less than 3 months.


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We invite you to download our poster that details this research study, including our antibody discovery strategy as well as the Spike protein reagents, screening assay formats, and more that we utilized.

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Joshua Lowitz, Glen Lin, Avery Van Horn, Jennifer Somera, Ryan Kim, Rick Chang, Catherine Vo, Ronald Gamatero, Opal Arenas, Emmeline Truong, Nicholas Wameling, Birthe Jessen^, Heather Schwoebel, Mike Snaith, and John S. Kenney, Antibody Solutions, Sunnyvale, Calif., USA & Alloy Therapeutics, Hanover, N.H., USA