Cytokines and Growth Factors

Antibody Solutions has generated monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to over 50 cytokines and growth factors. Antibody Solutions has a validated platform for generation of Antibodies to CD Antigens including proven immunization and screening procedures. Antibody Solutions sells off-the shelf antibodies to human growth and differentiation factors known as basic fibroblast growth factor (AS24-P, AS25-B, and AS25-P), nerve growth factor (human and mouse) (AS18-B, AS18-P, AS20-P, AS21-P, and AS22-P), and ciliary neurotrophic factor (AS23-P, PS2-B, PS2-P, and PS2-S). We also offer off-the-shelf antibodies to human cytokines IL-1α (AS5-F, AS5-P, AS6-B, AS6-P, & AS8-P), IL-1β (AS10-F, AS10-P, AS56-P, AS57-B, & AS57-P), IL-6 (AS12-F, AS12-P, AS16-B & AS16-P), IL-8 (AS13-F, AS13-P, AS14-P, AS15-B & AS15-P), and TNFα (AS1-B, AS1-F & AS1-P).

Please visit our webstore to order off-the-shelf antibodies and don’t hesitate to contact us for custom antibodies to cytokines and growth factors. Our team of experts stands at the ready to help move your research forward.